The Future Is Bright

I pray that you all are having a wonderful first of the week. I wanted to take a moment and “unpack” a little more some of the thoughts I shared with you in my sermon yesterday. If you weren’t there I will briefly explain my sermon so that you may have some context relative to … Continue reading The Future Is Bright

A Thanks For Selflessness

One of the things that happens on this day is that more people tend to thank Veterans for their service to the United States of America on more than any other day. While I think that we should take every opportunity we have to thank men and women who have served this country, I also … Continue reading A Thanks For Selflessness


There is a worship song that was released a few years ago by Elevation Worship entitled "Overcome". In that song there is a creative bridge that I absolutely fell in love with: He shall reign forever, strongholds now surrender, for the Lord our God has overcome. Who can be against us? Jesus our defender, He … Continue reading Overcome!