The Best IS Now!

Continuing my reflections on the Gospel according to John. This morning I was in chapter 2. The 10th verse says, “Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now.”

This entire event is prophetic to everything about Jesus, who He is and what He came to do. Jesus came into this world not for religious purposes. but for relational purposes. Because Jesus is fully God as He is fully man, Jesus knows the reason for the creation of God’s Image on earth. The creation of God’s Image on earth is because God desires relationship with humanity. There are many who would say that there is no way to be able to determine that. There are some who would say that God created humanity only for the purpose of His glorification. Well, I think that God created humanity for the purpose of relationship. See I’m convinced of something. God doesn’t need relationship with humanity, God wants relationship with humanity. So God created male and female to live in relationship with Him.

If you know the story, you know that Adam and Eve made the choice to do the one thing that would separate them from relationship with God. At that point something that shakes the universe happened, through the free will of humanity, humanity made the choice to do something that until that point they had no point of reference. They disobeyed.

Long story short, and totally an illustration on my part, the perfect wine God had created began to go bad because of the actions of the caretaker of the vineyard. The wine had soured and just got worse and worse.

Through the ages there were other caretakers who would live in relationship with God, but none of them ever took care of the wine, the winepress, and the wineskins as intended.

So Jesus (uncreated, forever existing) comes to earth in the form of one of the most helpless things on planet earth, a human infant. Lives His life with all of the struggles that all human beings face. He knew hunger, He knew thirst, He knew sickness, and He knew what it was like to be exhausted at the end of a long days work only to have the person he and/or His dad were working for tell them that they didn’t like it. Jesus came to earth in what would seem to be an obscure existence. And then in about His 30th year, He goes to a wedding and turns water into wine. So what?

Some would say that Jesus was doing it just to show who He was. Really? Then why was His first reaction to His mom, no. No I believe in Jesus’ human nature, Jesus was still waiting for His Father to say “Son it’s time” and realizes that God had done just that through the faith and confidence of His mother. Jesus wasn’t interested in showing off His “super powers” to prove a point. Were that the case, He would have never had a cross word with His mom about it.

Here’s the thing; Jesus knew that the people around Him, had arrived at that place drinking “wine” that just continued to go bad. It was a religious wine. It was wine that misinterpreting there purpose of the law. God’s purpose of the law was for people to build and live in community, a community that would be in relationship with Him. Yet they had turned it into a measuring stick for blame. The wine Jesus brought was a wine of which humanity had partaken but never really tasted. Jesus was bringing new wine. So to begin His ministry on earth, the most impactful three years in the history of the world, He was doing it in a way that would show exactly what God was doing. God was pouring out His best on His beloved creation at the moment when it seemed impossible. It was unheard of for the best wine to be served at the end of the feast. It is unheard of for redemption to come when someone has repeatedly and purposefully turned away from it. Yet that’s what’s happening here. No matter how old and sour the “wine” in our life becomes, no matter how much poison we allow to creep into our lives, the new wine poured out in the life of Jesus is perfect. It will always heal. It will always fill. And it will never turn away.


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