The last time you were in one of the larger book retailers, did you notice the number of books that were in the “self-help” section. The last time I was, I noticed and I asked myself the question I’d like to ask you. Why are there so many titles from so may perspectives on how to “get-right” with everything in life? If you want to fix your finances, there are hundreds of books for that. If you want to fix your love life, just play the lottery of closing your eyes and pointing to a title. If you want to become emotionally stable, loose weight, or becoming a successful leader, all you have to do is find just the right book.

I hope you hear the jest with which I am approaching this subject. I am in no way saying that reading a “self-help” book can’t be beneficial. As a matter of fact there are many personality tools that I have used through the years that can be found on those isles that have actually been beneficial for my personal growth. What stands out to me about the fact that “self-help” has become a multi-million (if not billion) dollar industry, is that it speaks to the nature of humanity. We are broken. Like the character, Can’t-Get-Right, in Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrences movie “Life”, it seems that we just can’t-get-right.

As a Christian, I believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing that any human being can pursue in order to “get-right”. That being said, the reality of that even is to realize that we can’t-get-right by doing anything. The nature of our position, as fallen creatures in a fallen creation, is that only Jesus got it right and He shares with us freely that which He earned. Jesus is how we get-right.

I am a firm believer that there is an expectation from God that once we accept the blood of Jesus in our lives, we have a responsibility to grow. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are supposed to hand things over to Jesus that would deter us from being “stuck”.  But all too often we don’t. Lives of many Christians are spent carrying around things that we aren’t intended to live with.

It seems that daily I am faced with something that I need to work on relative to my personality. However one of the things I was forced to do during the process of becoming an ordained pastor, was have others look deep into my life and see things that I hadn’t handed over to Jesus. The things in my life that I like to call  “core malfunctions”. My “core malfunctions” are things like pride, fear, anxiety, and low self-esteem. These human characteristics I believe are at the core of the majority of our sin, especially pride.  And dealing with these things, at least being aware where you are with each never goes away.

I do feel blessed to say that I have become more self aware in that I am sometimes able to recognize when my core malfunctions start to rear their ugly heads. But it hasn’t been easy getting where I am now and I know that until the day I die it won’t. The truth is unpacking why we are the way we can be painful. However, fixing those things can at times be down right excruciating. The reason for the pain is even though I knew had had issues with pride, anxiety, fear, and low self-esteem, how other people saw those things was far worse than I saw it in myself. It was only when I was forced to look, that I was able to see just how bad that it was. But there is good news! The freedom of going through a personality overhaul, and allowing the blood of Jesus to be applied to all of our scars whether self inflicted or inflicted by others,  and coming out on the other side, is beyond words.

So a word of encouragement from one “Can’t-Get-Right” to another “Can’t-Get-Right”. If you haven’t, submit yourself to the healing power of Jesus in the deepest parts of your soul. If you truly want to be the best version of who you can be in Christ Jesus, let Him have everything. The sooner the better.


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