There is a worship song that was released a few years ago by Elevation Worship entitled “Overcome”. In that song there is a creative bridge that I absolutely fell in love with:

He shall reign forever, strongholds now surrender, for the Lord our God has overcome. Who can be against us? Jesus our defender, He is Lord and He has overcome.

I recommend that you listen to the song if you haven’t heard it before. One of the things that it reminds me of when I hear it is the depth of who Jesus Christ is. Jesus is the same today as He was when He walked around in ministry on earth. However for the purposes of this blog post, I will refer to him in the past tense in that I am speaking of His earthly ministry.

During His earthly ministry Jesus Christ was not as He is depicted in much of the historical art that we see. He wasn’t always sad or reflective. He walked on earth and got blisters on His feet, he didn’t float on clouds with trumpet playing cherubs around Him. He wasn’t a timid man who could be blown over by a strong wind or scared by the site of a roman soldier. He wasn’t the type of person that would look into a situation and walk away if He thought emotions were about to ramp up. And He wasn’t the kind of man who wouldn’t expect others to do things He wasn’t willing to do Himself. Jesus Christ was on earth with out a doubt one of the strongest and toughest dudes around.

Think about it for a minute in terms of the song that I have referenced. He shall reign forever. When we think of the word “reign” we think of it in terms of royalty. From our earthly experience, when a monarch “reigns” it carries more implications that other heads of state. A president in a democratic republic like the United States is supposed to have very limited power. Although that intention has changed over the years, and our president has quite a bit of power, to the letter of the law, POTUS is still subject to two other branches of government and in theory all three of those branches of government are subject to the citizenry. (LOL —- If Only) A monarch on the other hand for most of human history had complete sovereignty over the his or her subjects. And, His or Her reign of sovereignty would last as long as he or she drew breath. That’s the context we understand when words like “reign” and sovereignty are used. However, with Jesus it is much deeper than that. As a matter of fact, there aren’t human words or understanding that can comprehend what Jesus reigning forever really means. We have what it takes to receive such a message but not the ability to recreate it. After all, complete understanding in theory should lead to being able to recreate something. But we can’t! Jesus Christ is the King of Kings. Which means, His reign is completely unshakable. He will never die. As a matter of fact, when His human body was tortured and killed, He defeated death. And that’s what really makes the enemy mad. Satan wanted an elevated place. Satan wanted to be the one who ruled along side or even over God, and it didn’t go that way. Nor could it. So by defeating the one tool that Satan had, that he thought was unbeatable, Jesus pretty much made Satan and his false power insignificant to the ones who Jesus receives unto Himself. The Power of Satan will never ever again be able to hold a candle to the Blood of Jesus. Why, because Jesus will REIGN FOREVER.

Strongholds Now Surrender: What is a stronghold? The actual definition from google.com is: a place that had been fortified so as to protect it against attack.  Relative to the Christian walk, a strong hold is something that has been fortified within us that we don’t want to be “attacked” by anything else, including the Power of God. Think about it. There are things in our lives that we know are bad for us, and those can be strongholds. However, there are also things within us that we deny are there or deny are a problem. They are holding on strong as we are holding on to them with a grip that sometimes seems supernatural.  How many times have we written off certain behavior in us as being “just the way we are”?  These strongholds are fear, worry, lack of confidence, negative self talk, etc…. Those things are in fact strongholds. One day, when I get to heaven and stand before the throne, before the mercy seat of Christ, I want to know that I have relinquished as many of my strongholds as I could.  I don’t want Jesus to show me how much more I could have done for Him because of some strongholds that He had already defeated, yet I was unable to give up. As believers, we are covered by the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ. But that doesn’t mean we are finished. That doesn’t mean that we have realized every stronghold in our life. After receiving Jesus as the Lord of our lives, we are being sanctified. In other words, we are moving on towards perfection. The more things we empty out of ourselves, the brighter our light will shine. We will never reach the point of perfection as we draw breath on earth. However, we are supposed to always try, so that others can see Jesus in us. Jesus is our defender, and He has overcome for you and me. Let’s remember that this week as we continue our walk with Him.

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