When are we going back to church?

Good morning Pleasant Hill! I pray you are doing well and assume that you, like me, are ready to get back to church. I found myself last week feeling the need to run into a wall because I haven’t been around people for over six weeks now – LOL! I’m one of those rare people who is half and half; half introvert and half extrovert. The extrovert in me seems to get the best of me sometimes.

The Bishop of the North Alabama Conference has released a statement in conjunction with conference leadership which includes the conference attorney,  suggesting that churches plan to resume meeting no earlier than Monday May 18. The reason for a Monday is so that smaller groups (choirs, worship teams, etc) could meet the week prior to the “first day back” on the 24th. This is the plan that I, in conjunction with my health care task force have decided to go with.

So, unless there is an increase in infections of C19 and the state health officer Scott Harris M.D. and Govenor Kay Ivey extend the stay at home order (I’d much prefer “stay at home recommendation”) we will all get back together on May 24th and have a big day of it!

This time has been several things for us all. It has been hard! It has been relaxing! It has been soul searching! It has been filled with worry! It has been filled with anxiety! But more than anything let’s remember that God has been the same! He hasn’t changed! As a very wise ministry veteran Mrs. Kitty Reynolds told me and a group of other Pleasant Hill folks recently on a Zoom call, “Don’t worry about tomorrow, He’s already there.” So my suggestion to us all is that we look forward to the 24th because, just like He is with us now, and will be with us tomorrow, He will be with us on the 24th. Let’s look to that day with anticipation and excitement so that we can show him how happy we are to be back in His house, among His people! PRAISE GOD!!!!!! I Can’t wait!!!!!!

I LOVE Being your pastor! And it gets better everyday!

Pastor Jake

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