About Jake


Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve been called many things; Jake, pastor, James, bubba, Jakie-Ole-boy, Buzz and EB’s son, youth pastor, worship leader, etc.. My favorite title here in the temporal however is Ellen’s husband and Gracie, John David, Will, and Sam’s dad. This title is where I find humility. I don’t deserve to be called such, but I am so I’ll take it.


I currently serve on staff at Gardendale Mt. Vernon UMC as an Associate Pastor.


My passion is to see revival in the United Methodist Church. The institution to which I belong hasn’t always been an institution, it was once a movement, a revival movement, where those whom were untouched by the institutional church, found the true nature of God’s love for them through Jesus. God’s imprint on my heart is that I pursue revival so that Images of God, who don’t know the depths of God’s love might come to know what I have humbly accepted, that we have been redeemed by Christ, and the same Spirit that raised Him from the dead lives in those who follow Him. I am learning how to follow Jesus, do what he does, and see others with His eyes. My hearts cry is that His bride, the church would quit just believing, and truly follow!

I hope you enjoy my blog posts which will be consistently posted when ever I’m in the mood.


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